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News The Accountancy Profession Received 3 Major Awards

The Accountancy Profession Received 3 Major Awards

Source: WAA, March 30, 2016

A six-member panel from the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) awarded three (3) major and distinct awards to the Accountancy Profession (AP), making Filipino Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) the first and only Profession among the 42 Professions in the Philippines given Public Governance System (PGS) Institutionalized, Gold Trailblazer and the Islands of Good Governance (IGG) awards. The awarding ceremonies were held at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) last March 29, 2016 in Makati City, after excellently undergoing the PGS Revalida.

Dr. Cesar Mansibang, PICPA Vice President for Operations was the AP's Presentor during the Revalida with the PGS Report entitled "THE ACCOUNTANTS IN THE FRONTLINE OF NATION-BUILDING." Among the members of the Accountancy Profession who attended were Sectoral Representatives from the Government Association of CPAs (GACPA) National President Mr. Wilfredo Agito , from the Public Practice Sector, ACPAPP PP Mr. Jun Cuaresma, from the Education Sector, Dean Ester Ledesma, from the Commerce and Industry Sector, ACPACI PP Ms. Connie Cadelina, PGS OSM Mr. Eugene Villaceran and PGS Chair Normita Villaruz. Also present were Luminaries and Leaders of the Accountancy Profession led by SEC Commissioner Hon. Antonieta Fortuna-Ibe, Past BOA Chairman Atty. Eugene Mateo, BOA Chairman Hon. Joel l. Tan-Torres, BOA Members Hon. Gerry Sanvictores and Concordio Quisaot, Past AFA President Dean Estelita C. Aguirre, PICPA President Mr. Dominador A. Barrion, ACPACI President Ms. Cynthia Molina, ACPAPP President Mr. George V. Villaruz, Former BOA Vice Chair Dean Elenita Cabrera, PICPA PPs Ms. Josefina Chua, Violeta Josef, Dean Andy Cabuyadao, PGS Liaison Director Ms. Sonia Golez, ACPACI PPs Ms. Ning Santos and Mr. Aphat Martinez, ACPAPP PPs Ms. Che Javier, Nestor Roraldo, Jack Tolentino, SGV Chair and Managing Partner Atty. Cirilo Noel, PWC Chairman Atty. Alex Cabrera, Deloitte Chairman & CEO Mr. Greg Navarro, P&A Chairman and CEO Ms. Marivic Espano, nACPAE PP Mr. Ferdie Rodriguez, R.F Garcia & Co. Managing Partner Mr. Ramon Garcia, MMR Chairs Ms. Malou Villacorta, Mr. Henry Tan and Ms. Lolita Tang, PICPA ED Ms. Sally Pangilinan, among others, from the more or less 80 CPAs from the AP.

(WAA. with pictures courtesy of PICPA)