Friday, February 22, 2019
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President's Message at the GACPA 37th ANC


Leadership, excellence and adherence to professional standards of Accountancy.  This is what we espouse and would like to champion in for this year’s Annual National Convention of GACPA, our 37th year.  We believe that leadership and excellence are powerful pillars which the practice of our profession in government service should strongly be anchored on.

Accountancy is a trusted and respected profession and we in GACPA would like to ensure that we remain relentless in our pursuit of leadership and excellence. This can be achieved by continuously improving and upgrading our skills and competence and through constant observance and practice of professionalism, making sure that this has become a customary part of our system, of our being.  As the famous philosopher Aristotle said, “Excellence is not an act, but a habit”.

Ultimately, we want our members and the whole organization to be abreast with the latest developments especially those which concern and relate to our profession.   This way we are able to address and respond to the needs and challenges of time.

Consistent with the primary goal of PICPA of continuing professional development, we are certain that this annual gathering will be of benefit to the participants in terms of building networks and linkages, transfer of knowledge, gaining more expertise and upgrading skills and capacities.  These are essential and most imperative now, more than ever, as we come closer and closer to the ASEAN Economic Integration which is happening towards end of this year.  We want to build up the interest and excitement as this new economic order will bring about greater employment opportunities and broader career options for professionals. This economic integration will not be instant.  The process may be tough and long but what matters is that we have the right mindset and the motivation to become part of it. In the future, we will altogether enjoy the fruition of our labor.

GACPA leads and encourages change that benefits our members and our organization for we know that this would redound to the good of the government sector which we serve and the country where we live.   We have always endeavored and we will continue to wield all best effort to lead and excel and adhere to the professional standards of the job we chose and promised to love.

On our  37th Annual National Convention, I would like to express my congratulations and gratitude to the officers, members, supporters and friends of GACPA who, through the years, have actively and loyally participated in the many activities and have rendered their trust, collaboration and support in the vision and thrust of the organization.

As in the previous years’ conventions, may this year be as fruitful and meaningful to everyone.

Mabuhay ang GACPA!

GACPA 37th Annual National Convention
Glenda G. Martinez, National GACPA President
Government Association of Certified Public Accountants